How to Get your Pruvit Keto// OS Ketones Discounted or FREE
Pruvit Keto

How to Get your Pruvit Keto// OS Ketones Discounted or FREE

Pruvit FREE Ketones Product Program

NOTE: you pay shipping and taxes.

1) Select Products at the link above (or if you can’t afford the products UNLESS you are getting them free, I have a back door for you. You will need to set up a customer “cloud” account. You will select products and go all the way to the final screen and then cancel. This will still give you a customer account and yes, also a referral code for your customers.) Once you get your cloud account set up, you can find and edit your very own referrer code.

Here’s how to do that:
– login to
-Click on your name in the top right hand corner and then choose Settings.
-Look in the top left hand corner and click on Referrer Code.
– I highly suggest you edit your referrer code on that page to your name or something that is easily identifiable and something you can remember.

Once you have your referrer code, it’s all about curiosity marketing, drawing people into what we are doing. I have a special post (that you can tweak) and a picture for you to use! You will tag me in the post and the people who comment or respond I will help walk and guide you through getting them started with ketones. You will need 2 people on smart ship under you, and then you will get FREE ketones every single month!

2) Select TODAY AND SMARTSHIP when ordering product.
3) Next month you will save 22% off of ENTIRE order
4) You will get an email 5 days before it ships so you can edit, change, or cancel. You control that account on your own.
5) Get your ketones for FREE when you get 2 other people on Smartship – I can help you do that!

Message me here with Questions: [email protected]
or here:

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