Keto Reboot By Pruvit
Pruvit Keto

Keto Reboot By Pruvit

Keto Reboot !! In this video I talk with Dr Heather Cardin about the Brand New Keto Reboot from Pruvit. (Can you tell I’m a little excited!!)

We go over the 60 hour program, talking about the supplements we take and when.

We go over how it starts on Sunday night with Keto Kalm tea, to help us sleep great on Sunday night.

Of course we talk about Keto OS Max and how we take that as part of our 60 hour reboot.

We also talk about how we add in Pruvit’s Better Broth, and how it has Collagen and Ac11 in it, and what those supplements do for us.

We also talk about Signal OS and how its therapeutic dose of AC11 helps the signaling between the brain and the rest of the body.

We are going to be coaching you through groups of the Keto Reboot on a monthly basis, and I’m so excited to help you with this program! Reach out to me below for more information.

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