Ketosis tips. Keeping your tastebuds entertained while following ketopia does not have to be hard.

While in ketosis you are generally not hungry, many people find it to be a more pleasant experience to be able to have light snacks when needed.

Choosing the wrong snacks can easily throw you out of ketosis and hurt your results.

The good news is that there are plenty of snacks and “tricks” to make Ketopia a breeze.

Here are some tips to remain “happy” while doing your ketopia 10 day reset.

NOTE: We will continue to Update this page as we find more relevant tips and tricks.
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Official Instructions from the company (with some additional tips)

  1. Morning: Mix 1 KetonX in 20 or more ounces and sip over 60-90 minutes (Some people find it chalky and have a better experience by splitting the mix in half and consuming 2 large drinks instead of one concentrated chalky.)
  2. 2-3 Hours later: eat 1 Dough Bite with 16 oz of water
  3. 3 Hours later: Mix 1 FIXX into 8-10 oz of water
  4. 3 hours later: Eat a sensible meal with good fats, protein, and green vegetables
  5. ALL Day: Drink Water! You should drink half your body weight in ounces each day


If you are an early riser and put in long hours it will help to drink ice water for about an hour first thing in the AM and then start the KetonX.

My day typically starts at 5 AM so when I followed the official instructions I was hungry and ill. Shifting things back an hour helped tremendously.

Don’t be afraid to snack throughout the day with high protein, low/zero carb snacks (see list below)

Ketosis Tips

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a perfect companion for anyone doing a ketogenic diet.

This is purely optional BUT I personally would not want to do any ketogenic diet without it. (Yes, you can and will still get great results without it)

What is bulletproof coffee? read about it here

Read the article above. Basically it feeds your body healthy fats and aid ketosis which decreases any hunger.

It also gives you a nice cognitive boost without the jitters.

I drink a couple of cups in the AM about 30 minutes after the KetonX drink.  I also drink another cup mid-day if I need a little boost.

The brain octane (an upgraded mct oil) is also great to add to things throughout the day. (in any drink or over vegetables) It is odorless and tasteless.

Ketogenic Diet Snacks

Acceptable Snacks while in Ketosis (in moderation)



Pork rinds

Salads (no croutons) very light dressing is borderline depending on carb content

Cubed cheese (complete fat! NO low fat items. In the low fat options, the fat is often changed by carbs)

Celery sticks to cream cheese.

Beef Jerky– take care because there can be a great deal of hidden carbohydrates in routine off-the-shelf Beef Jerky. We’ve discovered that Old Wisconsin Snack Sticks from Amazon are extremely low carb and delicious.

Pepperoni slices.

Cold cuts.

Crunchy baked cheese snacks. These are the only thing we’ve found that replace the occasional handful of Cheez-Its from the kitchen. Awesome, incredible snack.

Chicken wings.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese roll-ups

Cocktail sausages

boiled eggs

much much more (will be adding soon)

Avoid These Snacks in Ketosis

anything with carb content (excluding vegetables)


most fruits

much much more (will be adding soon)

anything with a fat-free label. Almost all fat-free marketed foods are generally bad for you.  Ketosis is all about consuming more “healthy” fats

Processed foods As a note, you do have to inspect the carbohydrate content of everything you consume, particularly processed foods such as sausages, cheeses and sauces.

Butters and Oils are Good

Don’t hesitate to use butter and oil in cooking

Avoid these Sauces and Dressings

While many have successful with adding a very small amount of dressings and sauces, your mileage may vary.  I personally have used ranch dressing in salads and dipped my broccoli in ranch without hindering my weight loss.  If you do stall, then this could be a culprit.



A1 steak sauce (I have successfully used a small amount of A1 steak sauce with no issue)

much much more (will be adding soon)

Mustard is OK

Ketosis Meals

While on ketopia the instructions say, “Eat a sensible meal with good fats, protein, and green vegetables”

What does that mean exactly?

Here are some main dishes…


Chicken (even with skin)


Hamburger (no bun) Wrap it in lettuce.  Bib lettuce makes a great bun replacement

much much more (will be adding soon)

Borderline: Be careful items

Low-carb Tortillas

Mayonaise (complete fat! NO low fat items. In the low fat options, the fat is often changed by carbs)

Alcohol Drinks on Ketosis

Merlot – I drank 1-2 glasses of merlot each evening with no issue.  Almost every other type of wine has a much higher glycemic effect and should be avoided.

Tequila – I drank an occasional small cocktail, but I only mixed with crystal light margarita mix

Almost all other liquor could be ok in high moderation as long as you don’t add any mixers that contain sugars or carbs

much much more (will be adding soon)

Don’t eat too much protein!

Eating too much protein will throw you out of Ketosis.  There is already a fair amount of protein in the cookie dough bite and the FIXX shake.

Use the below as a guide when snacking and eating your meal.

Let’s say an individual weighs 150 pounds and has a lean body mass of 100 pounds. To calculate average ideal protein consumption, we set the lower end of the variety at 1.0 g/kg/LBM and the greater end at 1.5 g/kg/LBM.

Taking into consideration that dividing pounds by 2.2 = kgs, the mathematics appears like this:

100 pounds LBM/2.2 = 45 kilograms LBM.
Multiply 45 x 1 = 45 grams of protein.
Multiply 45 x 1.5 = 67.5 grams of protein.

So the average optimum protein consumption variety for an individual with 100 pounds of lean body mass would be 45-68 grams each day.

Nevertheless, given that many people have no idea what their real lean body mass is, typically these formulas are based upon ideal body weight, or what the majority of weight calculators would state you should weigh for your height.

How does this translate into food? Most animal protein sources have about 7 grams of protein per ounce, so this example range works out to range of about 6.5 ounces– 9.7 ounces of meat, fish or poultry each day. (Note = there are 28 grams in an ounce; the balance of grams are primarily from fat and water.). has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.4/>5 based on 130 ratings and reviews.