Lost of 5kg | Results: Chloe Ting 14 Day Shred Challenge | 72hr Fast & Keto Diet
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Lost of 5kg | Results: Chloe Ting 14 Day Shred Challenge | 72hr Fast & Keto Diet

Hey there, it’s Heidi-Lea and I have completed the Chloe Ting – 14 Day Shred Challenge 💪🏼

I lost a total of 5kgs and 17cm!!!

Weighing in at my heaviest, in a long time. I was tipping over the 83kg mark 😲
At the age of 36, I’m a stay at home mummy to my 16 month old daughter “Zahra” and wifey to Josh.

So I have made a deal with myself, I am going to lose 20kg. Yes, you heard me correct! I am losing this excess weight and focusing on “ME!”

Since having Zahra, I have really let myself go terribly… I hate looking in the mirror every day, I don’t enjoy clothes shopping anymore and I feel guilty eating in general… I know I need to put more energy into me now. To become the best version of myself and for my family👨‍👩‍👧

So after scrolling through her videos, I discovered she has FREE challenges. With all self guided videos 😲 Did I mention it was FREE! I thought what a great time to start a 14 Day Challenge and I have committed 💪🏼

Currently I am doing the Ketogenic Diet, I have received awesome results in the past being on this style of diet. I am also consuming Pruvit Therapeutic Ketones, to help suppress my appetite and give me that extra energy I need to complete my challenge.

I also completed a 72 Hour Liquid Fast, check out the link to Versatile Vicky YouTube Channel. She has amazing content to achieve fasting.


I hope you enjoy my videos, watching my progress and me just sharing my personal experiences.

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Thank you for watching my video ❤️

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