Pruvit Compensation Plan : How To make Money Your First Month
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Pruvit Compensation Plan : How To make Money Your First Month

In this video you’re going to learn all about the Pruvit Compensation Plan, AKA the Pruvit Rewards Program.

When we got started in this business, we crushed it – People couldn’t believe the success we were having and in this video we share what we did, and what we still do and teach our team to do to maximize their potential when they start with Pruvit.

One of the things we love about the Pruvit Compensation Plan is the opportunity for getting started bonuses, which can help you and others start their businesses strong.

We will cover the Go Pro, MVP Bonus, the Go Fast Bonus and more in this video.

We show you how to duplicate what we do , how to earn $250 in your first 14 days, and a further $500 in your first 30 days.

We talk about the commission you will have and the rank bonus pay you will have as part of the Pruvit Compensation Plan aka Pruvit Rewards program.

In this video we cover whether Pruvit is a binary MLM structure and the benefits of what it does.

Also we cover daily, weekly and monthly pay, and how easy it is to see what you need to do to achieve the bonuses.

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