Pruvit Flavors Overview | Pure Therapeutic Ketones
Pruvit Keto

Pruvit Flavors Overview | Pure Therapeutic Ketones


In this video, I give an overview of the different Pruvit ketone flavors, how they taste and how to incorporate them into your keto lifestyle!

Here’s an overview of our product offerings!

NAT Pure Therapeutic Ketones


🍉 Splash = tastes like Jolly Rancher/Watermelon 🍉

🍋Raspberry Lemonade 🍋

Heart Tart – tastes like Sweet Tart 🍭

Maui Punch

Swiss Cacao – tastes like a chocolate bar🍫

Key Lime-aid

KREME: Used as coffee/tea creamer, stand alone or for baking
Great for hair, skin, nails, joints ☕️

O/S Ketones: The OG Formula
Orange Dream w/ MCTs: tastes like creamsicle
Choc Swirl w/ Prebiotic: tastes like tootsie pop

Great for sleep/relaxing
Caramel Apple 🍏

Great for electrolytes + gut health

Thyme – best enjoyed hot – tastes like soup

Salted Caramel – can be enjoyed blended on ice, cold or hot – tastes like caramel

MCT Oil – great for extra cognitive benefits + great source of fat

KETO UP – Keto Lifestyle Drink in a CAN!

Mito//Plex – Electrolytes

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