Pruvit What happened after 250 days on Keto OS? Pruvit weight loss  ketogenic low carb diet ketopia
Pruvit Keto

Pruvit What happened after 250 days on Keto OS? Pruvit weight loss ketogenic low carb diet ketopia

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What happened after 250 days on Pruvit Keto OS. Pruvit weight loss ketogenic low carb diet ketopia

I have been taking Pruvit Keto OS for 250 days now. That is about 35 and a half weeks. So I want to give you an update about how it has been going.

The Good I have lost 45lbs while taking Pruvit Keto OS twice a day.

The bad is that I did gain about 12 pounds during my 16-day vacation to Alaska. I was not taking my Pruvit Keto OS twice a day.

Now as soon as I returned, I started taking my Pruvit Keto OS again and eating better and I was able to lose 10 of those 12 lbs in about two weeks.

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