Pruvit’s Keto Kreme to Keto Kreme Plus
Pruvit Keto

Pruvit’s Keto Kreme to Keto Kreme Plus

Prüvit’s Keto Kreme gets a makeover to become Keto Kreme Plus!
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Hi! I am Angie!
You may have noticed that Keto Kreme has been out of stock for a while. I literally used my last packet and I am feeling lost without it. The good news is… Keto Kreme is getting a MAKEOVER and will soon be Keto Kreme Plus!!
But wait, what is Keto Kreme?!?
Keto Kreme is a propriety blend of patented ingredients. It was derived from the heart of the coconut and is one of the healthiest fats known to the world. Our bodies convert fat into energy quickly, which gives you a powerful mental boost–we call it brain fuel.
• Fast and sustained energy
• Better focus
• Minimized food cravings
• Increased ketone production
• Balance yeast in the gut

Supercharge your coffee in less than 30 seconds!!!
Keto Kreme Ingredients: MCT Powder, Coconut Shortening Powder (C8, C10 and C12), Ceylon cinnamon and Stevia. Contains Milk Ingredients, Gluten Free.

Keto Kreme Plus will contain FOUR different patented collagen formulas and “Bio Matrix Technology.” In addition to fat burn, we are talking about:
• Hair
• Skin
• Nails
• Bone support
I hear that the Keto Kreme Plus will taste vary similar to our beloved original Keto Kreme formula. But that it will be even creamier so that the non-coffee drinkers of the world can mix it with water to enjoy a creamy shake!! WOW! I can hardly wait to try it!

My coffee is naked without you…so please become available soon Keto Kreme Plus!