Tesla Hack: How To Get A Tesla Model X For Under $10k
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Tesla Hack: How To Get A Tesla Model X For Under $10k

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In this video, I am sharing my hacks on how you can get a 6 figure car such as the Tesla model X (safest, coolest, most innovate car out there available right now, in my BIASED Tesla lover’s opinion) for a fraction of the cost, about 10k in fact.

Grab some pen and paper and get ready to take some notes!

If you go down to the dealership today or Tesla.com here’s what you can expect to spend to get i you our own Tesla model x

$100 down
$7,500 to drive off lot
Payment roughly $1,200/mo

A lot of companies out there that offer car incentives through their affiliate programs one of the most popular ways to get a great deal on a car is through Network Marketing.

Do your research and find a company you can partner up to make some extra cash with that has a car bonus for a car of your dreams. The company that I decided to partner up with is a company called Pruvit they are in the keto space and I absolutely love the products and the mission statement so its easy for me to be passionate about this partnership being something I can stand for and behind.

With Pruvit, when you hit Rank 6 (which wasn’t too difficult to hit, in fact it took me a month) you qualify for $800 towards a car least or purchase payment every month. You may be wondering: Why do companies offer car incentives? They want to incentivize you to do a certain amount of volume a month consecutively, so they crate a WIN-WIN scenario.

And it gets better: When you hit rank 7, (which took me only two months because of my tunnel vision for my Tesla!) you can qualify for the Tesla program when you get a Pruvit marketing wrap you get an additional $500 a month bringing the total paid out to $1,300 for hitting and maintaining rank 7 with the company.

Which means your ENTIRE monthly payment is completely covered by building your own business with Pruvit. Which means all you’re responsible for is

$100, orderding fee
$7500 downpayment
$1200 first months payment (which will then be credited to you by prubit upon qualifying for rank 7)
And a car wrap/decal design which you can get for several hundred to few thousand dollars, deepening on how detailed you want to get. Bringing the total down to $10k out the door for THREE YEARS of ownership.

Not to mention, Tesla is once again offering free supercharging for LIFE, think of all the money you will be saving on gas!

Which is much cheaper than I paid for my car. (Mine was $104 MSRP, I ended up doing $13k to drive off the lot, with $1130/mo payment for which I only received $800 a month from Pruvit because I never settled on a Pruvit marketing wrap, so I ended up losing out on all of that money I qualified for, AVOID doing this!)

Of course as with everything, results are going to vary, I was able to hit rank 7 within a few months of starting because I used the Tesla as my golden carrot to chase after.

If I were to do it all over again, I would start my business, crush it to rank 7, out the $100 down to order the car, then continue to quality rank 7 while the car is being made. After my second month, I’d go in with the $7,500 down and wrap my car immediately after driving it off the lot.

It doesn’t have to be super fancy. Big decals work and cost a lot less than whole wraps. Get that approved through corporate and start collecting my $1300 monthly bonuses while maintaining my rank 7 position + earning extra cash on the side.

Rank 7 alone guarantees around 6 figures for the year and can go up to multiple six figures depending on the structure of your organization.

Just on my team alone we’ve had over 80 people earn free luxury cars already and many more in the process of getting theirs! So its definitely very obtainable if you are relentless in the pursuit of living out your dream life- because it does take work!

I suggest going out and researching companies that offer car incentives and find one that fits your needs and that you vibe with. If you want to do it with Pruvit, I am more than happy to give you and even closer look at how you can do that with a step by step strategy of exactly how I was able to get rank 7 and my Tesla so quickly.

Reach out to me if you want to get started with Pruvit and be mentored personally by yourself truly, a top income earner in the entire company!

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